About Heloisa Giaretta

I'm Heloisa Giaretta, a passionate photographer living in Hong Kong for almost 6 years with my smiley 2yo daughter and my best companion for adventures in life, my husband!

Living far from “home” for 13 years, with a continuously changing lifestyle, made me realise how important the memories that we are creating every day are and how good it feels to relive them through photos. In the end, what really matters in life are the emotions you felt during the memories you made.

Photography came into my life as a way to rediscover myself after this life changer called maternity. This combined with my ever-changing lifestyle, plus the love that has blossomed since I became a mom, have led my heart (and eyes) to prioritise capturing emotions and memories in my photos.

With my pictures I want to showcase the love, connection, and feelings you have experienced during the most special moments of your life and in particular connect to the memories you've made in the place you spend most days of your life, your home.

About Heloisa Giaretta



“I did both a maternity and a newborn shoot with Heloisa.

She was great at making us feel comfortable in front of the camera, helping us express our emotions during those special moments. She was kind and patient with my older son, who was not always willing to join us.

The results were just amazing. Cozy in our home during a pandemic, the pictures captured the best of us. She got way more than angles and lights; she captured feelings I can live again when I see the photos.”

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